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We are an association of member organizations dedicated to strengthening the non-profit housing sector in Nova Scotia.

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What we do

We are the voice for the non-profit housing sector in Nova Scotia. We bring members and others investing in non-profit housing together to benefit from a collective approach to housing solutions. We listen, research, advocate, share resources, provide and promote training and special offers, and so much more. We don’t directly offer housing, but some of our members do.

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How we work

The NSNPHA works from a people first approach, centring the voices of Nova Scotians in our work. We collaborate with members across Nova Scotia to listen, understand and take action with the goal of strengthening the non-profit housing sector so all communities and people can find a home in our Province.

How we’re supporting the non-profit housing sector

If you have any questions, contact us!

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The NSNPHA will help build capacity across the non-profit housing sector

through co-learning activities, pooling knowledge, and being a collective voice. Through forming networks and collaborating challenges can be more effectively tackled and strategies can be created to reduce overlap and competition. Check out the programs & services, members, and events page for many ways to build capacity for your organization through collaboration, information, and networking opportunities!

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The NSNPHA is here to help members connect to quality programs and services

related to the non-profit housing sector in Canada. Let the NSNPHA guide the way! To be effective in our work, it’s important to be continuously learning and to find programs and services to increase our capacity as a sector. Visit the Programs & Services section to see a curated list of opportunities.

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The NSNPHA offers space to gather and share information, network, learn, and provides navigation in identifying funding.

It makes the non-profit housing sector visible in Nova Scotia and in Canada by bringing groups together; demonstrating to policy makers, funders, and the broader community the vital role non-profit housing plays in addressing the growing housing crisis. The NSNPA recognizes a holistic approach housing that includes environmental, cultural, and social priorities, with all communities and voices in the mix.

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Housing is a human right! With a seat at provincial and national tables, the voice of the non-profit housing sector in NS is heard.

As a small province, policy at the national level often is a mismatched to our needs at home. Together we can challenge assumptions and criteria around organizational scale and maturity, policy barriers, zoning bylaws, marketization, and issues keeping us from housing solutions for all. Become a member and join opportunities to research, impact policy and adv

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Communication is key. Staying up-to-date on all things housing can feel like a full-time gig. The NSNPHA is here to help

by providing bi-monthly newsletters, connecting members through events, sharing the resources you share with us, supporting the creation of Regional Housing Networks, providing information on this site and through social media, doing outreach in communities across NS, and more. Join our mailing list, follow us on social media, visit online often, and share!

We’re here to help

Looking for help with proposal writing, finding relevant training, housing research, connecting with others doing non-profit housing work, or another non-profit housing related matter? Send us a email. We’re here to help!

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